How to create a website with an Android App

How to make a good website with your android phone or tablet?

Spend a few minutes with a piece of paper  ! ( how deliciously antique ! ;-)

1  • List the questions your readers or clients will ask about your activity. Make sure to use their own words not yours.

2  • In the same way, but in a different spirit, list the queries people will ask search engines to find you. More especially if they don't know your name yet.

3  • For each question, build a page to articulate your answer. Respecting the rule 1 topic = 1 page, you will progressively make a site that visitors will find useful and easy to explore. It will also help search engines to better perceive the structure and the relevancy of your website.

The video below will show you how easy it is to build a site with SimDif on your device:

What about SimDif sites and the main search engines?

Simdif website builder for Android has been conceived around the rules described above. This App is here to help you organise your content for your readers in a way search engines will appreciate.

A useful site, clearly organised around your client's questions, will help Google to build a clear picture of your business, and possibly recommend it.

This method is not as original as it may sound. These are the fundamental concepts of any professional search engine optimisation (SEO). SimDif is based on these concepts, helping you focus on what you present, keeping your readers and their needs in mind.

We've prepared a few free guides for you:

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