Website Builder for Android

Website Builder for Android


A free Starter website builder for Android

Just explore SimDif as if it was a game and you will soon understand what it takes to create a good website.

You can also find many hints and tips in the Mini Guides section. These can help you go deeper into creating an effective site, and when you see fit, you can upgrade your site to a Smart or Pro site.

Together, the app and the guides act as an assistant, helping you to practice the art of making a great website effortlessly!

Yes, Free App, Free Hosting, and Free Tutorials!

SimDif Starter sites are designed to help you organize up to 7 pages. You can already build a site that will be understood by your visitors and give you better chance to be found on search engines.

With SimDif, you can have your own domain name, even with a free site

Fair price - Free https
Fair price - Free https

SimDif created a simplified domain name provider, just for you.

All SimDif sites come with a free "" domain name. You may also want to purchase a unique domain name for your site.

Once logged into your SimDif account, you will be able to search through 30 different types of domain names (.com, .org, .net,, .info, ... ).

The Smart way to create a website with a phone