Website Builder App for Android

Website Builder App for Android


A few apps to help you create your website on Android

Reviews of all the Website Builders Apps

An interesting and original review site: The author of this blog bases their approach and judgment on 3 principles:
  • Can a newbie can use this software easily and understand what makes a good website?
  • What kind of website is it possible to make? A very simplified presence on the web, a complete presentation website for a company, an online store, ....
  • Will users are more likely to give up, or end with a result ? More than 90 % of the people who start a website tend to give up their project, even when they have paid... It makes you think about how online website builders are conceived.

Guides & Tutorials about building a good website

A selection of 3 of Simple Different's guides:

=> What makes a website googlable?
The short version of SimDif beginner-friendly & professional method. A step by step optimization you'll be glad to have followed.

=> Build a website your visitors will like and Google will help you promote it.
The SimDif methodology in 15 pages, each one dedicated to an essential topic, addressing the main questions a successful webmaster needs to answer. If you're new to making websites this guide will help get you started the right way.

=> Promote your website
A guide covering the essential concepts to help your site take off. It explains the classic processes in website promotion and offers a few tips for success.

Photo Editors

SimDif Website builder for Android can resize and crop photos for you but if you want to do more then there are several free and highly rated photo editing apps including:

  • Autodesk Pixlr
  • Adobe Photoshop Express  - a simplified version of Photoshop.

Drawing and Design Apps

If you need to design a custom header and logo, or artwork for another area of your site, try out some of these free apps.

  • Autodesk SketchBook  - draw, paint, add text on a photo.

  • ... if you have a good one to propose, leave a message here

Google's Tools

 • Google Analytics app - a good way to better understand and improve how people navigate your site. SimDif's Smart & Pro Sites support Google Analytics integration.
 • Trends - a useful tool to see what are the expressions the most used in your field when it comes to research on Google. Make sure to test the titles of your pages.
 • Adwords - the classic way to promote your sites and services through the Google ads network. Define what makes you different from your competition before you spend money.