Website Builder App for Android

Website Builder App for Android


The Smart way to make a website with a phone

More pages, more graphics presets, and more options, at a friendly price.

The Smart version has added presets for the fonts, colors of your site, and the shapes of your tabs and pages.

SimDif Smart sites are well integrated with your digital world.

•  You can create buttons to encourage your visitors to go to a specific page on your site, to visit your Facebook page, or to contact you through your favorite communication app.

•  Your blog entries can have a comments section. You can validate these comments inside the SimDif app before you publish them.

A SimDif Smart site offers very good value for money

For a very soft price you can create a solid presentation website. A SMART site is a good way to build a serious online presence for your activity.

A SimDif SMART site has everything you can find in a STARTER with a few more relevant features:

• Use up to 12 pages to build your website, and enjoy many additional features. A richer, more useful site will be appreciated by your readers and Google!

• Gather professional statistics about your visitors, better understand their behavior on your site by installing Google Analytics.